Brighter Profits with Xenon HID Bulb Fitting Guides

The major advantage of upgrading to xenon HID technology is the greater output of light. Xenon HID bulbs are up to 3-4 times brighter than standard halogens. At night this is crucial because the lack of visibility is the major cause of vehicle accidents during night driving.

Unlike conventional auto bulbs, HID bulbs have no filament which are susceptible to vibration. Instead there is a glass capsule in the centre of the bulb containing Xenon gas. Two metal electrodes sealed into the glass capsule enables a high voltage to arc across, igniting the Xenon gas which produces the light. Therefore xenon HID bulbs can withstand a greater amount of vibration and shock from the road.

With the aftermarket experiencing an increase in demand to replace Xenon HID bulbs, it is important that mechanics maximise this sales opportunity and understand how to safely fit Xenon HID bulbs.

Research by Ring has found that while there are mechanics who are confident at fitting Xenon HID bulbs, there are still a lot who misunderstand Xenon HID technology and do not want to approach fitting them.

To provide clarity and improve confidence, Ring has produced a Guide to fitting Xenon HID bulbs and is accompanied by a Xenon HID Fitting video.

The high start-up voltage is potentially hazardous and is understandably the main concern for mechanics.
But rather than refer car owners back to a main dealer, mechanics, by following either guide can change Xenon HID bulbs safely.

The guide take mechanics through a step by step easy to follow procedure, starting with preparation and ending in testing.

By having the skill and confidence to fit these, mechanics and garage owners benefit by not losing a customer to a main dealer or another garage that can replace HID bulbs. Secondly, fitting them increases a garages sales margin.

Cost of replacing 2 H7 at retail prices is – £18
Cost of replacing 2 HID bulbs at retail is – £199.

By just replacing two HID bulbs the additional revenue is £181.

Xenon HID bulbs should be always be replaced in pairs due to the unique colour temperature variance with Xenon HID Bulbs.