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Ring and Carnation Designs Power Code Blue and Medics Ambulance

Ring and Carnation Designs joined forces at this year’s CV Show to demonstrate their complete vehicle conversion package. Here’s how our products were used in Medics UK’s vehicle, which was built by Code Blue Specialist Vehicles.

What's on board the vehicle?

 Carnation Designs’ genisys

A complete power management system that gives the control you need for a safe, reliable and manageable mobile work station.​


The brain of the genisys system governing communication between all modules. The ECU monitors batteries and digital inputs, and uses software logic to control outputs and intelligently preserve power.


Voice Alert

genisys Voice Alert gives clear audible instructions and safety warnings to vehicle operators. Much more helpful than just a buzzer.



A suite of high quality user interfaces, bespoke configured for every application. 18-way variants feature LCD displays for battery voltages and status information.


Output Modules

genisys OPMs offer safe, internally fused, high power delivery. Outputs are controlled by semi-conductor switches rather than mechanical relays providing longer operating life, faster switching and requiring very little drive current.

CANBus Interface

genisys CAN modules provide intelligent base vehicle derived inputs, eradicating the need for multiple hard-wired inputs, increasing system sophistication whilst reducing installation time.


Protocol Converter

genisys ‘conduit’ to third party devices, the Protocol Converter module facilitates bidirectional communication with PC-based hardware and relays status information to data logging and telemetry systems.

Ring’s Power, Lighting and Camera Systems

Ring’s products work seamlessly with Carnation’s, ensuring your vehicle operates to maximise your mobile work requirements. We offer tailored solutions in interior and exterior lighting, warning and hazard lighting, mains power, in-vehicle charging and vehicle safety systems.


The Pure Sine Wave Inverter provides reliable consistent power for vehicles working remotely. The low frequency harmonic distortion of 4-5% is vital for the sensitive electrical equipment, used in ambulances to operate without electronic disturbance.



The DC-DC smart charger ensures the ambulance’s auxiliary battery power is maintained. The 12V DC power from the main battery and alternator is converted into a multi-stage charge, optimising the performance of the auxiliary battery. Programmable input voltages provide compatibility with smart alternators.


Incident camera

This GPS incident camera adds global position recording, which allows playback on Google maps using the software provided. Other new features include a sharp image six element 140° wide angle lens, built-in microphone, smoother full HD video playback and superior low light recording.

High level brake light camera system

The combined unit is REG10 approved and gives the vehicle operator greater control when reversing, reducing incidents and improving safety around the vehicle. Dual channel functionality allows secondary sided or front cameras to be installed and viewed on a choice of mirror or dashboard style monitors. Installation is simple and the range covers most modern vans.

Ring to Demo Vehicle Conversion at the Commercial Vehicle Show

On 26-28th April, Ring will be exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The annual CV Show is the largest and the most comprehensive road transport and logistics event held in the UK, attracting close to 20,000 visitors including fleet managers and vehicle convertors.

Our stand – 5H134 – will be focusing on Vehicle Conversion. Visitors will have first-hand experience of the solutions that Ring can provide to transform commercial vehicles into mobile work stations. Our Vehicle Conversion solutions include on board power, interior lighting, hazard lighting, scene lighting and camera systems. Our exhibit at the Commercial Vehicle Show in April will give visitors the chance to see Ring’s products installed into two different vehicles – a mobile work space and a welfare van – showing a variety of the applications and vehicle conversion options we can offer.

Ring’s commitment to innovation means we’re always seeking out solutions that make working on the move easier and more efficient. One example is our baton and strip lights, which are ideal for illuminating the rear work area of a vehicle or van. As work vehicles are often on the road day and night, all our interior lights use LED technology, which provides a wide angle of illumination whilst drawing minimal power from the battery. Ring’s baton and strip lights can be fitted with switches or PIR (passive infrared sensor) to further reduce the power drain. As well as being economical with power consumption, our interior lighting solutions are space efficient too. Our baton and strip lights are ideal for fitting in the roof lines, while slim line lights are a great solution for low level roofs.

Our innovation isn’t just about making life easier for those using the van. We’ve been working closely with Vehicle Convertors to design simple to install, “fast fit” solutions that cut down on installation time and save vehicle conversion workshops valuable time and money.
Mobile work vehicles often need hazard lighting to make it visible to other workers and road users. Our new line of LED light bars comply to ECE Reg 65 and Reg 10, and can be fitted with either a strong magnetic mount or bolt mount for permanent installations. The bolt mount has been simplified to one single bolt rather than three, saving time for the fitter.

Ring’s vehicle conversion in action
Lyndon Security Systems is a vehicle fitting company based near Doncaster. They specialise in the production of welfare vehicles – specialist vehicles that are used as a rest area and have essential facilities for field workers. They are particularly popular for teams working in remote locations such as on railway lines or by the side of the motorway. Lyndon Security Systems uses a wide range of products from Ring including on board power, interior lighting and camera systems.

Lyndon Security Systems’ General Manager, Paul Redshaw, says:

Ring is an invaluable supplier for equipment that utilises the vehicle electrical systems to generate power. Once the vehicle leaves our workshop facilities it is our reputation that will be judged. Ring understands this and have ensured that all the products and components they supply are of the highest quality. That is why they are a trusted supplier to us.”

If you’re interested in visiting Ring at the Commercial Vehicle Show and finding out more about Ring’s vehicle conversion solutions, you can sign up to attend here.