HID replicated with xenonstar bulbs

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Gas discharge bulbs, also known as High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID) produce a crisp, bright-white light.
Whilst this technology has been around for a while, it has tended to be reserved for use on high specification car models.

This has driven a trend by other motorists that wish to replace their car’s yellow looking bulbs with bulbs that replicate the HID look without upgrading their vehicle lighting system.

To meet this demand Ring has produced the xenonstar range of headlamp bulbs.

The xenonstar range produces a 4000 Kelvin colour temperature that results in a whiter headlight colour.

Ring Automotive’s Associate Director Marketing Caroline Harding said: “xenonstar has been designed to replicate the very sought-after HID gas discharge look, giving any vehicle a very distinctive modern appearance that is simple and inexpensive.”

“Because the human eye is more attuned to higher colour temperatures, xenonstar also aids visibility both for the driver and for other traffic and provides excellent reflections from road markings and signs.”

The new bulbs are UV cut, so are suitable for use in plastic headlights. xenonstar is available in H1, H4 and H7 variants and are a simple upgrade from standard bulb with no need for changes to vehicle wiring. Importantly all this technology has been developed in a bulb that is road legal.
The H4 and H7 bulbs have a silver cap to help blend the bulb into the background of the reflector for a sophisticated subtle look when the bulbs are off.

To help complete the look, motorists can also change their sidelights for ones that produce a crisp white light. Ring has also launched a sidelight bulb that produces a higher kelvin colour temperature. The new bulb produces a clean crisp light that again replicates the HID Look.

xenonstar bulbs SSP start at £17.99 – £22.99 for a twin pair
xenonstar complete with sidelight bulbs has a SSP of £21.99 – £26.99

For more information on xenonstar, click here http://www.ringautomotive.co.uk/uk/content/car-bulbs