Standard headlight bulb vs Xenon130

Got January blues? Treat yourself to Ring’s Xenon130 headlamps

The festive period is without question a special time of the year, but it’s often not a ‘relaxing’ holiday. For the most of us, the frantic present shopping and stresses of Christmas dinner add up. If you feel like brightening up your New Year, then our Xenon130 high performance bulbs are just the thing.

New Year – new look
These high performance bulbs emit a bright, white light for a modern, high spec and crisp look that will transform the look of your car on the road. This is down to the 100% xenon gas within the bulb and a more tightly wound filament, which produces the brighter, whiter light.

Style and substance combined
It’s not just about the look – the quality of light matters too. These Xenon130 bulbs produce 130% more light on the road and have a beam pattern that’s up to 60m longer than a standard bulb. The light they produce is the closest thing to daylight, and with these dark, long nights it is essential that you have a headlamp that makes night time driving as safe as possible.

Xenon130 brighter than standard bulb

Xenon130 bulbs when compared to a standard headlight.

Specialist advice
At Ring, we recommend that you check your bulbs regularly to make sure they are working correctly. If you are stopped by the police for having a faulty headlamp you can be given an on-the-spot fine. Looking after your bulbs will make it safer for you and other road users. If your checks reveal a bulb has gone and needs changing, then we recommend you always replace both headlamps. This is to make sure there is an even distribution of light on the road.
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