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At Ring, road and vehicle safety is a key feature when bringing new products to the market place. We recently read through a joint report from BRAKE and District Line all about young drivers and road safety.

This report examines attitudes and behaviour in relation to learning to drive, vehicle selection, vehicle maintenance and crash protection. The report is based on a survey of 1,000 drivers across the UK and carried out by research company Surveygoo on behalf of Brake. For other reports in the series, visit www.brake.org.uk/safedrivingreports.

Here are just a few of the statistics in this report:

“The following are basic and essential vehicle maintenance checks that all drivers should make before setting off on long journeys. Worryingly, one in seven (15%) do not check oil and water levels, or that wipers, washers, lights, indicators or brakes are working. One in ten do not check their windows and mirrors are clear or their tyres are in good condition (9% and 11% respectively). In all cases, women are less likely than men to make checks – for instance, one in five women (19%) do not check oil and water levels, compared with one in nine men (11%).”

There are more things that could be done to make young drivers aware of the small checks they should do to keep safe. We have produced various ‘How To’ videos showing motorists how to safely use our products to their cars. From ‘How to jump start a flat battery’ to repairing a punctured tyre the videos go through easy to follow steps giving all motorists confidence to undertake vehicle maintenance checks. Our ‘How to inflate a tyre’ video will show young and experienced motorists alike how to correctly and safely inflate their tyre using a Ring Air Compressor. To see the full range of videos visit our YouTube page.

We have products that can be used to carry out important safety checks highlighted in the report for example Tyre Gauges to measure tyre depth, Air Compressors to check tyre pressure & Battery Chargers to check and charge car batteries.

As a lighting company we would also urge motorists to check their vehicle lights regularly. Lighting has two functions, it helps you see, but it also helps other road users see you. Lighting is therefore a critical safety component of any vehicle. Our range of Performance Bulbs offers improved light output and enhanced styling.

The conclusion is simple, there needs to be more advice to young drivers on how to do these checks and advice on what equipment is available to make these checks less time consuming and easier to do.

For more information on BRAKE check out their website at http://brake.org.uk.

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