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Four simple steps to make fitting HID bulbs safer
December 12, 2016
HID bulbs are not new; in fact they have been around for several years. But even though they are a preferred option for many manufacturers, they are still causing some controversy in the aftermarket as mechanics remain nervous about fitting them. Henry Bisson, Ring Marketing Manager, explains four simple steps to make fitting HID bulbs safe. “Times have changed and the technology in relation to bulbs has evolved. HID bulbs are now more common and no longer restricted to premium or luxury cars. Many models now fit HID as standard and although it was widely reported that they would last the ...
A Smart Investment
November 16, 2016
Vehicle batteries are becoming more and more sophisticated. In a modern vehicle, your battery could be lead acid, gel, AGM, EFB or calcium – and have START/STOP functionality. These advances have helped batteries to handle the ever-increasing quantity of vehicle electronics, and START/STOP capability has cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions. These advantages are great, but with better functionality comes a higher price tag. Replacing a modern battery can be expensive – up to £200. And with as many as 85% of all new vehicles in Europe expected to be fitted with START/STOP batteries by 2020 – and worldwide demand for ...
Ring introduces CRI inspection lamp to award-winning range
October 12, 2016
The award-winning inspection lamp range from Ring has a new addition with the introduction of the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) inspection lamp. This latest development brings a unique technology that will make life easier for mechanics and body shop technicians. Introducing CRI technology CRI is a measure of a light source’s ability to show object colours “realistically” or “naturally” compared to daylight. CRI is a very desirable technological development in colour-critical environments such as body shops, garages and workshops. Technicians will have the power to determine whether a paint job has been accurately matched to the existing colour. This advanced piece of kit will ...
Tech update: Filament Style LEDs
October 6, 2016
LEDs have become a familiar part of everyday life – the technology is widespread in commercial and domestic environments, from the light bulb in your living room, to illuminating industrial complexes, to traffic lights and inspection lamps used by mechanics However, its adoption has been slower for replacement auto bulbs. While the bright white light emitted by LEDs has been popular for getting a high spec, crisp look, the unfamiliar shape and uneven distribution of light have led to consumers being resistant to adopting the new bulbs. New technology – a bright, white, even light However, the latest technological advance in LED lighting ...
Ring to showcase latest developments at Automechanika
September 1, 2016
It’s almost time for one of the biggest innovation showcases of the year – Automechanika Frankfurt. From 13th September – 17th September, Ring will be at the event in Hall 3.1 on Stand E:31. We will be displaying our latest developments including workshop equipment, tyre care and battery charging products. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions throughout the exhibition, and guide visitors through the latest and best of our product developments. Retailers and distributors will have the chance to see a wide selection of products. Xenon130 halogen bulbs. There are the most advanced halogen technology, providing ...
ScrewFix Live 2016 is here
August 19, 2016
At Ring, we like to be out and about meeting people and demonstrating our products. It’s one way that we give you the reassurance that what you’re buying is of a high standard. So come a long and see us at ScrewFix Live in Farnborough, Hampshire - we’ll be at stand A21. Hey, if we’re in a good mood we might even be giving away some free stuff too. If you work in trade, or consider yourself an enthusiastic amateur, then Friday 30th September – Sunday 2nd October will be a fantastic weekend to see the latest products available to the ...
Top Technician rewards the UK’s top mechanics
July 8, 2016
Here at Ring, we have been supporting the automotive aftermarket for more than 40 years. So sponsoring Top Technician 2016 was a no-brainer for us. Top Technician is an annual competition created in 2002 by Aftermarket Magazine to reward the best vehicle technicians in the UK. We know that top mechanics are committed to raising standards and to delivering the best possible service, which we believe should be endorsed and recognised. Just like the professionals taking part, we are also committed to raising standards in the workshop, by developing trade tools that have been designed to help mechanics and technicians to be ...
Get your tyres into shape
April 11, 2016
Spring is finally here, and for many of us, it’s time to get back out on the road. Whether you’re travelling to see friends and family, seeing the countryside or getting out your classic car, it’s vital that you make sure your tyres are in good shape – and road legal. Tyre care matters Your tyres are the only part of the vehicle that has contact with the road – so keeping them well maintained is essential. It will make vehicle handling easier, and allow for greater fuel efficiency, as well as cutting down wear and tear – saving you money at ...
LED lighting – a brighter future
March 30, 2016
LED (light emitting diode) lighting is one of the hottest technologies and is an exciting alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen lighting. As one of the most competitive and fast paced industries in the world, the automotive sector has developed this cutting-edge technology to be top-spec, highly effective vehicle lighting. The science and benefits behind LED lighting LEDs are composed of a semiconductor diode - a material that can conduct electricity – which becomes a source of illumination. Light is produced when the particles that carry the electrical current combine together with the semiconductor material. There is no gas involved in the ...
Ring to Demo Vehicle Conversion at the Commercial Vehicle Show
March 16, 2016
On 26-28th April, Ring will be exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The annual CV Show is the largest and the most comprehensive road transport and logistics event held in the UK, attracting close to 20,000 visitors including fleet managers and vehicle convertors. Our stand – 5H134 – will be focusing on Vehicle Conversion. Visitors will have first-hand experience of the solutions that Ring can provide to transform commercial vehicles into mobile work stations. Our Vehicle Conversion solutions include on board power, interior lighting, hazard lighting, scene lighting and camera systems. Our exhibit at the ...
Dash Cameras – your personal eye witness
February 26, 2016
More and more UK motorists are beginning to see the benefits of having an in-car camera. So why are sales for these compact devices increasing so rapidly? Crash for Crash and insurance fraud Crash for Cash is one of the biggest vehicle-based crimes, and there is no sign of it slowing down. Highly organised criminals and opportunists usually stage or provoke an ‘accident’ by making an innocent motorist crash into the back of the fraudster’s car. The fraudster will then submit an exaggerated claim for vehicle damage, personal injury and loss of earnings. The honest policy holder will have to pick up ...
Chip on Board LEDs – Lighting the way for Inspection Lamps
February 16, 2016
At Ring, we are always looking for the newest and best technologies to develop our products. We travel the world finding the latest innovations. That is exactly what we have done with the introduction of Chip on Board (COB) technology to our Inspection Lamps. What exactly is COB? COB is the most recent development in LED technology. COB allows for a much denser distribution of light as there is no casing around the LED. We use this technology in our lamps to create a controlled and consistent beam pattern. COB also produces a superior brightness compared to other LED technologies. COB LED improves ...
Got January blues? Treat yourself to Ring’s Xenon130 headlamps
January 19, 2016
The festive period is without question a special time of the year, but it’s often not a ‘relaxing’ holiday. For the most of us, the frantic present shopping and stresses of Christmas dinner add up. If you feel like brightening up your New Year, then our Xenon130 high performance bulbs are just the thing. New Year – new look These high performance bulbs emit a bright, white light for a modern, high spec and crisp look that will transform the look of your car on the road. This is down to the 100% xenon gas within the bulb and a more tightly ...
Ring’s Christmas gift guide
December 22, 2015
Stuck for present ideas? Dreading the prospect for Christmas Eve shopping, frantically barging round the shops, wondering if Uncle Dave would really like a novelty snow globe? Don’t panic: we’ve collected a few ideas so that you can give them something they actually want this Christmas. And they can use them well into 2016. For the lone drive If one of your loved ones does a lot of solo driving – or is prone to leaving their headlights on – then a Compact Jump Starter is an ideal gift. This handy little device is powerful enough to jump start a car battery, but ...
Big battery freeze
December 17, 2015
It’s a common thing: on the coldest day of the year, you get in the car and the battery won’t start. You might think “just my luck”, but it’s not coincidence. When the temperature plummets, your battery has to work harder. A battery in good condition can handle the temperature changes – one that isn’t, simply can’t. Under pressure Of course, it’s not just the cold that puts more strain on your battery. As winter takes hold, we use the heaters, lights and wipers more. Add to this demand from charging smartphones, tablets and sat navs - often all plugged in at ...
Winter is coming
October 9, 2015
The nights are getting colder, and longer. Mornings are chilled and filled with fog. It can’t be ignored – winter is coming. As driving conditions become tougher, it’s a good idea to be extra careful when you hit the road. One important way to make driving easier – and safer – is to make sure your headlamps are up to scratch. Darker for longer Not only are the nights getting longer, but in some places, they are getting darker too. Many councils are turning off street lamps for part of the night – often from 12am to 5.30am. Making sure you have ...
Ring’s RPP900 Lithium PowerPack reviewed by Paul Woodford
April 22, 2015
Paul Woodford - host of rally TV show Special Stage - has started to do reviews on Ring products. The first product up was our RPP900 Lithium PowerPack. He looks at why every motorist should have this product in their car boot. Here is a snap shot of what he had to say. "There's nothing worse than coming back to your car to find it's got a flat battery. Now, for less than the price of a breakdown membership, and less space in your boot than a pair of hair straighteners, you can get hold of this Ring Automotive compact lithium power pack." To ...
RING – BRAKE The Road Safety Charity blog.
March 11, 2015
At Ring, road and vehicle safety is a key feature when bringing new products to the market place. We recently read through a joint report from BRAKE and District Line all about young drivers and road safety. This report examines attitudes and behaviour in relation to learning to drive, vehicle selection, vehicle maintenance and crash protection. The report is based on a survey of 1,000 drivers across the UK and carried out by research company Surveygoo on behalf of Brake. For other reports in the series, visit Here are just a few of the statistics in this report: “The following are basic ...
Check your tyre pressure. There’s a lot riding on them
July 17, 2014
According to the latest research published by*, thousands of British holidaymakers could be putting themselves at risk by failing to check their tyre pressure before setting off on long journeys. The latest advice has been issued by Tyre Safe, who estimates that approximately 9 million cars in the UK are being driven with seriously or severely under inflated tyres, which can be a major cause of tyre failures, particularly in hot weather or when vehicles are heavily laden. Figures from the Highway Agency reflect the scale of the potential problem with 8,700 tyre related incidents occurring on its network between July ...
Tips for winter night driving
December 17, 2013
To ensure the safety of all drivers and cyclists during this season, we’ve compiled some useful tips for drivers this winter to help plan and prepare for journeys. Vision Keep the windscreen and other windows clear – if your vision is obscured through dirt, snow or even sticker-infested car windows you could face a hefty fine. Clear snow from the roof as well as from windows as this can fall onto the windscreen obscuring your view. It can be a hazard to other road users as well. Ensure the headlights and tail lights are cleaned to remove dirt. It might seem like common ...
Brit motorists still believe kicking a tyre tests if it’s road-worthy
December 16, 2013
Many motorists admit they don’t know correct methods of telling if car tyres are safe enough to be used according to a recent poll reported in a national newspaper. Apparently a third of drivers believe that kicking a car tyre will help to reveal if it is properly inflated. Nearly a quarter who took part in the poll admitted they didn’t know how to check if a tyre’s tread is legal, despite built-in markers. Tyres are the only point of contact a vehicle has with the road. It is therefore vitally important for motorists to check their tyres regularly. It is vital that tyres ...
Brighter Profits with Xenon HID Bulb Fitting Guides.
December 9, 2013
The major advantage of upgrading to xenon HID technology is the greater output of light. Xenon HID bulbs are up to 3-4 times brighter than standard halogens. At night this is crucial because the lack of visibility is the major cause of vehicle accidents during night driving. Unlike conventional auto bulbs, HID bulbs have no filament which are susceptible to vibration. Instead there is a glass capsule in the centre of the bulb containing Xenon gas. Two metal electrodes sealed into the glass capsule enables a high voltage to arc across, igniting the Xenon gas which produces the light. Therefore xenon ...
Ring Automotive rolls out the xenon ultima 120 challenge for 2013
November 21, 2013
To celebrate the success of xenonultima bulbs providing 120% more light on the road, Ring Automotive are offering customers the chance to compete in a head-to-head online racing game and win some fantastic prizes in the process. Players can sign up for their chance to win today by visiting Those who reign supreme at the top of the leader board by 22nd December 2013 will win the following prizes: 1st prize: iPad Mini 2nd prize: Xbox 360 3rd prize: iPod Nano 4-10 prizes: Set of xenonultima bulbs The game is a night time race, where the more tokens you collect, the better the light from ...
HID replicated with xenonstar bulbs

Gas discharge bulbs, also known as High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID) produce a crisp, bright-white light. Whilst this technology has been around for a while, it has tended to be reserved for use on high specification car models. This has driven a trend by other motorists that wish to replace their car’s yellow looking bulbs with bulbs that replicate the HID look without upgrading their vehicle lighting system. To meet this demand Ring has produced the xenonstar range of headlamp bulbs. The xenonstar range produces a 4000 Kelvin colour temperature that results in a whiter headlight colour. Ring Automotive’s Associate Director Marketing Caroline Harding said: ...
Ring launch xenon HID Stock Pack
November 11, 2013
To help garage workshops keep up with growing demand for replacement Xenon HID Bulbs, Ring has launched its Xenon HID Stock Pack. Instead of storing these valuable bulbs in a ‘dusty box behind the counter', the pack offers a compact purpose made storage unit. It includes the three most popular HID types (D2S, D2R & D1S). These OE quality bulbs are direct replacements for existing Xenon HID bulbs. There also a free RIL50 Pocket Lamp to help with bulb installation and a quick reference application guide on the inside of the lid. The Xenon HID Pack has a suggested Retail Price of £239.99, but ...
Ring to sponsor Race for Life Twilight Event
October 14, 2013
Hey cancer! I bet you’re afraid of the dark.   On October 18th 2013, many women will be taking to Roundhay Park in Leeds to join in the Race for Life Twilight. Race for Life is one of the UK’s biggest women-only event series, only this time it has a twist- they’re doing it in the dark! Race for Life Twilight is a 5K circuit; how the ladies complete the course is entirely up to them- they can run, jog, walk..or even dance! We look forward to seeing ladies light up the night with torches, lanterns, head torches and fairy lights-taking the fight ...