Tech update: Filament Style LEDs

LEDs have become a familiar part of everyday life – the technology is widespread in commercial and domestic environments, from the light bulb in your living room, to illuminating industrial complexes, to traffic lights and inspection lamps used by mechanics

However, its adoption has been slower for replacement auto bulbs. While the bright white light emitted by LEDs has been popular for getting a high spec, crisp look, the unfamiliar shape and uneven distribution of light have led to consumers being resistant to adopting the new bulbs.

New technology – a bright, white, even light
However, the latest technological advance in LED lighting can change all that. Filament LEDs tackle these problems by combining the conventional shape of a auto bulb with the long life, efficiency and high colour temperature of LEDs.

How does it work?
The diodes on a standard LED emit light in a narrow beam – meaning you need many single diodes to try to replicate the even continuous light throughout the filament of a conventional bulb. This therefore creates uneven light distribution.

Filament Style LEDs are different – and feature the very latest in LED auto bulb technology to hit the market. The filament technology evenly distributes the light, like a traditional bulb. Only unlike a bulb, an LED has a whiter light, uses less energy and last up to five times longer. The shape is also familiar to drivers – so they can see that it’s simple to fit.

Angles Pic of Bulbs LED

Conventional LED – separate beams of light

Filament bulb

Filament style LED – even light distribution













Available now
Filament LEDs are available now in a range of fitments. See our whole range. These bulbs are not street legal, and are only intended for interiors and off road driving.